Born in a small town industrial city in southeast Sweden in 1992, Robin Sörbom started to read and write already at the age of 4. All through school he showed great intelligence and a creative mind. He started writing stories and filled notebook after notebook. His father was a rock guitarist and he early on adapted the interest of music, bought a guitar and started taking lessons. Since he felt the lessons were too slow, he bought a guitar book with chords and basic songs and taught himself how to play them. He developed an interest of music, film, theater, poetry, art and pretty much anything creative.


As early as the age of 10, Robin recall trying to write a script for a theatre-production of an adaption of Robin Hood that he wanted to do with his classmates, so early on he had a dream of writing and producing. He also recall starting to write screenplays very early but it was in 2005, in the age of 13, he started writing more seriously when he started writing music. His first song ever written was called “Ute på vägen igen / Out on the road again” and was actually recorded on his debut album.


During his teenage years he also became politically active and went through several romantic relationships and break-ups which is depicted in the songs written during this period. In 2005 he also helped with a local theater production and joined the company. In 2008 he both wrote and helped produce two stage shows and 2009 the company produced his debut play “Kärlek & Revolution / Love and revolution” Although he had been writing music for four years it was not until now that he actually took the step to record and play them for people. Given a lot of good feedback, he started to record demos and decided to make a full length album as his school project. During this time he also started a coverband, which he played guitar in.


During this time he had a lot of musical influence from american heroes such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen but also Swedish musicians such as Lars Winnerbäck and Ulf Lundell. He also read On the Road by Jack Kerouac who would become an important influence in his career.


The single “Sorgsna hjärtans hotell / Blue hearts hotel” came in winter 2009 along with a music video, followed by the full length album debut “Skymningsljus / Light of dawn” on his 18th birthday, march 28th 2010. On the record he sings and plays guitars, bass and harmonica. Same year he helps with several charity concerts and the coverband becomes his first backup band “Storgatan / Main street” a tribute to The E street band. The Newspapers liked his work and called him an heir of Lars Winnerbäck, Ulf Lundell and the band Eldkvarn, all in the same genre. In one article he talked about his hero Bruce Springsteen and his way of making stories into music and in the article he was called “Nybros own Bruce Springsteen”.


In 2011 the follow-up album “På färd / On the way” is released may 28th on a charity concert for the child cancer fund. Around 120 people fills a local church to hear Robin and the band and they collect over 22.000 SEK for charity. The album is singlehandedly produced and recorded by Robin himself who also play all instruments on it. Around this time he breaks with both the band, his girlfriend, his best friend and the theater group. In a troubling period he starts writing more dark and deep stuff and starts to focus on theater, film and poetry. He also makes contact with the Swedish filmmaker Richard Hobert who shall later on help him.


In 2012 he debuts as an actor in a play produced by another theatre company as well in his first own production which he produces, writes and stars in. He works as a journalist during the summer and moves to Växjö. There he starts film studies at the university and tries to start a new theatre company which goes well in the beginning but later crashes. He writes a screenplay for a short film which is filmed 2013-2014 in Växjö, read and approved by his friend and hero Richard Hobert. He is heavenlu influenced by danish film style of Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. He also directs the film and “Ingen natt och ingen dag / No more nights and no more days” premieres in a local movie theater in Växjö, march 28th 2014, his 22nd birthday. He starts a film group with the group from the film, which he later leaves and he takes a break from the creative business.


In 2016 he announces he will do a comeback with the album “Äktenskap mellan himmel och helvete / Marriage between heaven and hell” which will be quite different from the last albums, 5 and 6 years ago. Robin now writes about burning subjects such as the political environment, racism, sexism and mental health, but also about wanting to get away, the open road and to travel the world. He is fed up and bored and wants to explore the world. He also sings a lot about his hero Jack Kerouac and the beat generation, the lust for exploring, the lust for life. This is much unlike the small town teenage boy singing about love and small town life in his first two albums. It’s a much more grown up, darker, more aware and more rootless singer and writer. The first song will be called “Comeback” and he calls it a statement of his “rebirth”. During 2016 several new poems and texts has been published and there is also plans of a new short film, bigger film projects and a theatre production. There will also be an album released this autumn with unreleased material from between 2005-2015 and he is also writing his first novel.